Class Dates: 

If you already have a voucher for a zoom class OR would like to organise a private zoom class (minimum 4 screens) then simply email Torie chilliandmint@gmail.com to arrange. 


£45 per screen, includes me sending (UK only to be sent the spices) all the spices you require for the class. You are required to purchase the fresh/raw ingredients. More details below. 



“The class was absolutely BRILLIANT – so fun and informative and the food smells and tastes delicious – I CAN’T WAIT FOR DINNER!  Feel like we both came away with lots of tips / lessons for future curries but also incredible meals /spices for today and the rest of the week so huge, huge THANK YOU for such a great morning! And very refreshing to do something different like this at moment” (Beth and Ali, London)

“10/10 Torie, referrals will be going out. ” (Luke, New York)

“Overwhelming feedback from last night is that the food and the experience were both brilliant.” (Paul, Somerset)

“Torie I’m sure you’d be delighted to know my husband said it was the best curry he had ever had!…all credit to you. I will look forward to your cookery book appearing on the shelves!”(Jan, Bristol)

“Thank you Torie. That was a blast and we had a lovely lunch/dinner following your very well organized experience. You did a marvelous job dealing with our crew and so thank you for your patience and expertise. You have opened up a new COVID vista!” (Michael and Connie, Florida)

“I loved your class! We enjoyed the build up to it, the level, the pace and the interesting information and we shared a fabulous meal afterwards !! (And we liked your kitchen!) ” (Clare, Leicestershire)

“That was brilliant and so much fun. You’re an excellent ‘teacher’!  Nick and the kids also say a big thank you as they really enjoyed their delicious lunch too! What amazing flavours. So different from anything I’ve cooked before, and will definitely do it all again. You’re so knowledgeable about India and the spices and it really adds so much to the lesson. Can’t wait to actually go one day too.” (Charlotte, London)

“Super wow and yummy.  You’re a great teacher and the recipes are brilliant.  Thank you so much ” (Lindsay, Bristol)

“The best Indian we have ever had.  Enjoyed cooking it, Torie was great and the food was superb.  Especially the combination of flavours.” (Carol, Somerset)

“We both thoroughly enjoyed today. We love cookery courses and had no idea what a zoom one would be like. Actually it was really good and felt completely like we were part of a group cookery session. You have a really calm way of delivering the lessons, making it interesting and fun at the same time, so it was very enjoyable and the food was delicious” (Sarah, Bristol)

“I loved Torie’s Indian cookery class! Having attended several cookery classes before, I felt that this was particularly well organised. It was very convenient to be able to print off the recipes in advance, so I could get a feel for what we’d be doing and follow along at home if I happened to fall behind at all. That said, Torie went at a pace we could all follow and the class size was fairly small, so we all managed to keep up perfectly fine.  

It’s very handy that you can opt to have the spices sent to you too, if you don’t have them at home; especially as some of them are authentic Indian spices which may be hard to obtain locally here in the UK. 

All of the food we cooked was absolutely delicious and I’m delighted to have added three delectable Bengali dishes to my recipe repertoire!” (Kacie, Cardiff)

“I loved Torie’s cooking class! It was my first time making an Indian dish and she not only introduced me to new spices but also talked about where they’re from, how they’re traditionally used and suggested easy substitutions and variations. Can’t wait to add her dishes to my repertoire and prepare them for family and friends!” (Julie, New York)

“Torie we loved it all and so simple once we had all the spices. We were both so shocked at how healthy it all is really! I loved the pace and also that the session was quite chatty – a good size group to allow anyone to ask questions when they needed to” (Dani, London)

“We loved it Torie! Such a wonderful way to spend a few hours.  Your tuition was excellent and it all flowed perfectly. The prawns are my favourite and my husband can’t decide – he loved it all.” (Miranda, Winchester)

“Just to say thanks so much for the zoom this morning. I loved it and can’t wait to eat it all this evening. The whole thing was so super organised, well done. I will definitely keep my eye out for the next ones. ” (Laura, Cotswolds)

“The recipes were incredibly clear and easy to follow, and I really enjoyed the video class – I was very pleasantly surprised at how well that worked, as I wasn’t sure how an online cookery class would be. The standout dishes were the wonderful lentils and the bean & coconut thoran. I will be making those again and again. As someone who is in a sort of involuntary lockdown anyway, living up a hill in Wales, it was really great to be able to attend something which I wouldn’t have ever thought would have been possible without living in London – so there are actually some silver linings to the current strange world of coronavirus!” (Alistair, Wales)

“Torie, it was the most wonderful experience to be able to expand my skills in Indian cooking! Even though corona-circumstances prevent us all from eating, tasting and traveling our way through all cuisines of the world, your Zoom cooking class brings us all together in our love of food. The way you talked us through your food travels while explaining the cooking, was the cherry on top!! Thank you for a really great experience.” (Jeannette, Holland)


My Indian cooking class are presently on ZOOM, so wherever you are in the world you can join in if the timing works for you.  They are fun and informative, giving everyone some respite. I am able to send the spices you will need for the class (for UK residents only). You will find all the raw ingredients at supermarkets or online. 



The class will last for approximately  2 hours and sometimes a little longer if it is private class. Time will fly.  



If you would like me to send you the spices required for the cooking session, the class will be £45

If you do not require me to send spices the class will be £40



My zoom Indian cooking classes make a great gift experience for a friend or loved one. All you need to do is drop me an email and state if you would like the gift to include spices or not. I then require the name of the individual you would like the voucher to be given to and I will send you an e-voucher to give them for Christmas/their birthday. I will send you my payment details so you can transfer the money before I send the voucher. Once they receive the voucher they need to look here on my website where I will show future classes. They simply then need to choose a date and menu that works for them and email me to check there is still space. Typically I am finding Sunday mornings at 11am work well for classes. 


How do I book a class?

1. Choose a class from one below. 

2. Send me an email chilliandmint@gmail.com to check there is still space (I want to keep the classes small – 10 max  – so that everyone feels involved). Let me know if you require spices or not.

3. I will respond and give you my payment details. Once your payment has been received your place will be secured.

4. You will receive the zoom password to join the class the day before the class. 

5. If you require me to send the spices, I will send them out well before the class. 

6. I will email the recipes, ingredients and equipment list, once you have paid for the class. 


Can I book a private class?

Absolutely. Minimum 4 screens (you can have up to two people per screen). Email me chilliandmint@gmail.com and we can fix a mutually convenient date. I can also make the menu bespoke to the attendees needs. £45 per screen.


How many recipes will we be cooking?


Ideally, I would like you to be cooking at your end too, but if you prefer to observe and take notes then that is fine too.

(the recipes serve 4-6 people and are good to freeze if required. Even if  you are cooking for 1 or 2 please do not let this put you off as it is not as large amount as you think and it is all great for leftovers for the next day or so – so saves you cooking. I have had many folks who have been cooking for 1 and have thanked me for suggesting they keep with the proportions I have suggested.) 



Should you wish to cancel you will receive a full refund if you do so by email at least 72 hours prior to the class. In the event I have already sent you the spices, £5 will be deducted from the refund. 


Where does your love and knowledge of Indian cooking come from?

I get asked this question a lot. In short, I have always had a keen interest in spice and cooking with it. I met my husband, who is of Indian origin, almost 25 years ago, and so embraced the whole culture, including the cuisine, learning from family members combined with my travels around India and learning from home-cooks and chefs in India.  I want to instil the love of Indian food that I have to others and show them that they too can transform humble ingredients into something magical with the use of spices that are increasingly available to everyone.