BBC Radio Herefordshire and Worcestershire – with Kate Justice April 2022

Talking about Chilli & Mint book and an event in Ledbury – listen here

Food Writer Melanie Johnson – Melathomeltd – Cookbook Club  April 2022

Mel’s first guest author on her Cookbook Club – watch here

Radio appearance on ‘Riverside Radio’ January 2022

You can listen here

At the Sauce Podcast January 2022

You can listen to me on the podcast here

Mostly Food & Cocktails January 2022

Review of Chilli & Mint: Indian Home Cooking from a British Kitchen by award winning food photographer, writer and sommelier, Chrissie Walker – read here.

Good Housekeeping – ‘All The Best Cookbooks To Buy Now’ Dec 2021

A favourite of Cookery Editor, Emma franklin – read here

Binge Magazine September 2018

Front cover and two other photographs in the first print issue of Binge Magazine – a food journal. I also wrote an article on “Heirlooms from the Sea”. You can order a copy here.

TourRadar – February 2018

Contributor to their “Explore Sri Lanka” article – see here

Wandsworth Radio – November 2016

Talking to presenter Emma Gordon about the Charity ‘Find Your Feet’ and their campaign ‘Curry For Change’ as well as alternative Christmas nibbles.

Binge – Chief restaurant critic, London from 2016

see my articles here

India Today – September 2015

Vietnamese Pho Bo – Beef Noodle Soup and Finding the Perfect Cooking Course in Hoi An

The Times of India – July 2015

mentioned in the following article:

Indians living abroad take to food writing

The Telegraph – July 2015

Chocolate, Chilli and Cinnamon Fondants with Cardamom Chantilly Cream

 Ebook ‘Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Spices: 30 Delicious Recipes to Reduce Inflammation and Pain by Kathy Aquino – June 2015 

My Cha Ca La Vong recipe was included in the book. Click to purchase.

Delicious Magazine – April 2015

Apr 15_Tastes like home

                                  Aug-COVERCountry & Town House Magazine

Grub’s up, June 2014

Umami – The Fifth Taste Sensation, June 2014

Have You Got A Booking? July 2014

Is Juicing Good For You? July 2014

How Much Sugar is there in Cereal? August 2014

Eat Like a Caveman? August 2014

Spice and All Things Nice, September 2014

Korean Food: The Next Big Thing, September 2014

Black Garlic – The ‘No Garlic Breath’ Garlic January 2015





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