At the Sauce Podcast January 2022

You can listen to me on the podcast here


Mostly Food & Cocktails January 2022

Review of Chilli & Mint: Indian Home Cooking from a British Kitchen by award winning food photographer, writer and sommelier, Chrissie Walker – read here.


Binge Magazine September 2018

Front cover and two other photographs in the first print issue of Binge Magazine – a food journal. I also wrote an article on “Heirlooms from the Sea”. You can order a copy here.


TourRadar – February 2018

Contributor to their “Explore Sri Lanka” article – see here


Wandsworth Radio – November 2016

Talking to presenter Emma Gordon about the Charity ‘Find Your Feet’ and their campaign ‘Curry For Change’ as well as alternative Christmas nibbles.


Binge – Chief restaurant critic, London from 2016

see my articles here


India Today – September 2015

Vietnamese Pho Bo – Beef Noodle Soup and Finding the Perfect Cooking Course in Hoi An


The Times of India – July 2015

mentioned in the following article:

Indians living abroad take to food writing


The Telegraph – July 2015

Chocolate, Chilli and Cinnamon Fondants with Cardamom Chantilly Cream


 Ebook ‘Anti-Inflammatory Herbs and Spices: 30 Delicious Recipes to Reduce Inflammation and Pain by Kathy Aquino – June 2015 

My Cha Ca La Vong recipe was included in the book. Click to purchase.


Delicious Magazine – April 2015

Apr 15_Tastes like home


                                  Aug-COVERCountry & Town House Magazine

Grub’s up, June 2014

Umami – The Fifth Taste Sensation, June 2014

Have You Got A Booking? July 2014

Is Juicing Good For You? July 2014

How Much Sugar is there in Cereal? August 2014

Eat Like a Caveman? August 2014

Spice and All Things Nice, September 2014

Korean Food: The Next Big Thing, September 2014

Black Garlic – The ‘No Garlic Breath’ Garlic January 2015


Her Story by Rakhi Chakraborty

Five awesome food blogs to follow if you are an amateur cook


Natco Foods

My Ginger and Lentil Spiced Chicken Balti is featured on the Natco Foods website – July 2014





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