Extra Hot Smokey Chipotle Sauce Giveaway

I stumbled across the most delicious extra hot smokey chipotle sauce not so long ago, so much so that I studied the label on the jar in great detail so as to find out more about this beautifully balanced sauce. I was delighted to find out that it is made in Suffolk, England by ‘The Chilli Company’ – a chilli farm run by Denise and Adrian Nuttall since 2006. I proactively decided to get in touch with them, to offer my respect amongst other things to their great chipotle sauce. Generously they sweetly sent me a package with some of their products for me to enjoy. So I am going to look forward to trying their hot habanero chutney and their extra hot sweet chilli sauce.

I thought, however, it would be fun to give away a bottle of the smokey chipotle sauce so you too can discover the sensational, fiery taste for yourself. It’s the first time that I have organised a giveaway on my blog, so whilst it’s not a year’s supply of the chipotle sauce (maybe next time!), I hope a single bottle will attract your attention enough.

I will send it to one lucky winner – anywhere in the world (at my expense…even if you are on the other side of the world – that’s how much I rate this sauce).

With a chance of winning all you need to do is:

1) Leave a short comment below

2) Follow me on either twitter or my blog (or both of course ;o)

It’s that simple. A winner will then be chosen at random in one week’s time.

GIVEAWAY now closed. The lucky winner is:


Would love to try this:) I’ve never tried chipotle sauce.


9 thoughts on “Extra Hot Smokey Chipotle Sauce Giveaway

  1. flora newbigin

    Nothing beats a bit of spice! This would be a dunking delight with your paprika sweet potato wedges and sour cream which we had for dinner last Thursday- delicious! x

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