First Print copy of Binge Magazine launches this August

Some of you may know that for the past couple of years I have written some food articles for the online food journal, ‘Binge Magazine’. This August the first print issue will launch, initially in India, followed by the UK and Ireland in September. It’s all very exciting so I wanted to share this with you here on my blog so that you can get the chance to preorder a copy and support this independent magazine. I absolutely adore print magazines and now that I have seen the amount of time, effort and planning that goes into putting together a copy I have yet more respect for all the independent magazines out there. I have written one article and you will also see a few of my photographs within the magazine. A number of other food writers have contributed including: former Guardian journalist, Nick Johnstone, Times nightlife critic, Deepali Gupta, Edinburgh Fringe playwright Evelina Anissimova, Food anthropologist and member of the Guild of Food Writers, UK, Bee Farrell amongst a number of others. I also particularly love the illustrations that you will find in the magazine created by talented  @pulakbhatnagar and @kshirajakrishnan


I’ve ordered my copy – you can pre-order yours to be sent directly to you too  – click HERE

There will also be a handful of London stockists – the full list will be available on the @binge.mag feed.

Thank you all in advance for your support.



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